Shanna Waddell 


2010 MFA Drawing and Painting, Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
2006 BFA Drawing and Painting, California State University, Long Beach 

Solo Shows* & Two Person Shows

2017 VRSONYVR*, Galerie La Croix, Curated by Hannah Boone, Pasadena, CA
2016 Good Luck Charm, Cameron Crone, and Shanna Waddell, Ms. Barbers, Los Angeles CA, Curated by Alida Barden
2014 ( it's like ) roadside stuffed animals*, Thomas Erben Gallery, New York, NY
2013 The Search for Dipravoslaviye: Shanna Waddell and Rob Matthews, Tiger Strikes Astroid, Philadelphia, PA. Curated by Rubens Ghenov 
2011 Misshapen Chaos of Well-seeming Forms!*, Thomas Erben Gallery, New York, NY
2010 Shanna Waddell and Catlin Abate, Tower Projects, Philadelphia, PA
2009 Shanna Waddell and Jon Olshfski, F and N Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2006 Field Trips, Rochelle Gomez and Shanna Waddell, Gatov West Gallery, Long Beach, CA

Group Shows

2020, Hoofprint, Tiger Strikes, Asteroid LA, Curated by J. Makary, Los Angeles, CA
2019 Arcadia: Visions and Prophecies, Durdan and Ray, Curated by Sean Noyce and Ty Pownall, Los Angeles, CA 
2019 “and I’ll have a pepper-shaker in  my cave, so laugh”, ltd Los Angles, Curated by Kate Eringer, Los Angeles, CA
2019 Other Places art fair (OPaf), Barker Hanger, An Art Den, San Pedro, CA
2018 Odd Ark LA, Barker Hanger, An Art Den, Los Angeles, CA  
2018 Sanso, Movement of Matter, Curated by Jamie Felton, Los Angeles, CA 
2018 QUEENS LA, Look at the bird. Look at the nest. Look at the rainbow. Look at the the grass. Los Angeles, CA. 
2018 Torrance Art Museum, Curated by Manuel History Machines, Torrance CA 
2017 SPF15, Anna Breininger, Jamie Felton, Shanna Waddell, San Diego, CA
2017 GIFC, Traveling Show, Art Athina Fair, Athens, Greece
2017 Chart Art, Charlottenborg Kunst Courtyard,  OOLA - Los Angeles
2017 Rod Bianco Gallery, Macaulay & Co Fine Art, Columbia, Vancouver 
2017 AMPLIFY COMPASSION, ACLU Benefit, 356 Mission Rd., Los Angeles CA 
2016 Benefit Auction, Central Park, Los Angeles, CA  
2016 Women on the Fence, MOTHERSHIP, Desert Hot Springs, CA. Curated by Andrea Marie Breiling, Haley Barker
2016 Figure as Form, ldt Los Angeles, Hollywood Hills House, CA Curated by Katie Bode
2016 End of Summer Show, 24 Hour Charlie's, Malibu, CA 
2015 loophole: a show concerning fantasy, desire, and staring, New Boon(e), Philadelphia, PA
2015 instar, Rob Goodman, Chris Davison, Shanna Waddell, University of the Arts, Gallery 815, Philadelphia, PA 
2014 Begin Where You Are At, Ice Box, Crane Arts, Curated by Anna Neighbor, Ryan McCarthy, Timothy Belkap, Philadelphia, PA 
2014 Eight Young Figurative Philadelphia Painters,  FJORD, Curated by Dona Nelson, Philadelphia, PA
2014 Whitney Houston Biennial: I am every Woman, Brooklyn, NY
2013 Project Space: Thomas Erben Gallery, New York, NY 
2013 The Engagement Party: Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA  
2013 Manual History Machines: The Familiar Unfamiliar, Casa Agave Twenty-Nine Palms, CA
2013 Animal Show, pterodactyl gallery, Philadelphia, PA             
2013 Pageant: Soloveev, Philadelphia, PA
2013 Benefit Show, Bridgette Mayer Gallery, Philadelphia, PA 
2013 Three in Doubles: Dona Nelson, Kelly McRaven, Shanna Waddell, FJORD, Philadelphia, PA 
2012 Dirty Pretty Things, Gallery 102, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA 
2012 Pickup Truck Expo,  Icebox, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA
2012 Mirror, Mirror, Airplane Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Curated by Brittany Pratter 
2011 Untitled Philadelphia, Gallery 102, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA
2011 Summer Faculty Show, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA
2011 15 Years Thomas Erben Gallery, Thomas Erben Gallery, New York, NY
2011 An Oasis of Thoughts, New Old School Building, Philadelphia, PA
2010 Handshakes- Thomas Erben Gallery, New York, NY
2008 IdyllwildARTS Faculty Show, Exhibition Center, Idyllwild, CA 
2008 Los Angeles Juried Exhibition, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Jurors: Tyler Stallings, Lisa Melandri, Carl Berg 
2007 Overhung, Concrete Walls, Los Angeles, CA                  
2006 Chromaniacs, LA Art Space, Culver City, CA

Publications, Awards, Visiting Artists

2020 O Fluxo,, Hoofprint, TSALA, curated by J. Makary 
2017 Curate LA - Must See Art Event, VRSONYVR, Galerie La Croix, Feb. 23 - Feb. 28, 2017  
2014 Begin Where You Are at Icebox Project Space, Annette Monnier, Nov. 1, 2014, pg.123 
2014 InLiquid, Beginning with Crane Arts, Erica Minutella, Aug. 22, 2014 
2014 The St. Claire, Begin Where You Are at Crane Arts, Suzanne Seesman, Sep.13, 2014
2014 Begin Where You Are, Title Magazine,  Jenna Buckingham, Sep 9, 2014 
2014 Mindful Meltdown at Crane Arts Icebox Begins with You, Knights Arts,  Chip Schwartz, Aug 26, 2014
2014 Begin Where You Are at the Icebox- A Great Chunky Philadelphia Roundup, By Roberta Fallon, Sep 1, 2014 
2014 Visiting Artist: Hunter College - New York, March 29, 2014 
2014 Artist Cult Themed Paintings. NY Fine Arts Examiner,, Alison Martin, Jan. 3, 2014 
2013 Panel Discussion: Temple Gallery, Tyler School of Art. Nov. 5, 2013 
2013 Studio Visit: Title Magazine. Interview with Chris Davison, May 2013
2013 Mixed Doubles @ FJORD - Dona Nelson, Kelly McRaven, and Shanna WaddelL By Roberta Fallon, April 25, 2013, 
2013 Cult Logic - Remote Viewing Sister Pauline Turpin, Title Magazine, January 21,2013 by Ryan McCartney
2013 In Search of Dipravoslaviye, Tackle the Idea of Cult at Tiger,,  Allison McMenamin, January 19, 2013
2013 In Search of Dipravoslaviye, Top Picks,, January
2012 North Philly Abstraction in Dirty Pretty Things,, July 19, 2012 Chris Schwartz
2011 Studio Visit:, Roberta Fallon, Sept. 28, 2011 
2011 New York Times Article: Art in Review, Shanna Waddell, Karen Rosenberg, March 10,2011
2011 Eyes In Article: Issue # 8 - American Painter: Shanna Waddell
2011 Saachtii Online Magazine: Top International Shows- Editor's Pick, Rebecca Wilson, February 21

Curatorial Projects, Book Releases, Etc

2017 Alice Throne: Works from the 80’s and 90’s, POST, Los Angeles, Ca. Curated by Shanna Waddell 
2016 Floating Letters: Jamie Felton, Audrey Hope, John Mills, Manhattan Beach  Arts Center, Manhattan Beach CA, Organized by Gang and Orange 
2016 Poetry Reading- FIGURE 1, FIGURE 2, FIGURE 3: By Jamie Felton Manhattan Beach Arts Center, Manhattan Beach CA. Organized by Gang and Orange 
2016 Book Release - FIGURE 1, FIGURE 2, FIGURE 3: By Jamie Felton, Manhattan Beach Arts Center, Manhattan Beach CA, Organized by Gang and Orange 
2016 Started Gang and Orange a co-curatorial project in Los Angeles that aims to advocate for artists to connect and cultivate a particular vision or experience. Gang and Orange is comprised of Esmeralda Montes and Shanna Waddell 
2015 WIND CHIMES: Bannerette, Brooklyn NY. Curated by Shanna Waddell 
2014 Eight Young Figurative Artist Who Live in Philadelphia, FROJD, Philadelphia, PA Curated By Dona Nelson and Shanna Waddell